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Welcome To Methodcash

Now that we've gotten all the niceness out of the way, let's get down to business.

Methodcash is not a "baffle them with bullshit" program, as so many have turned into in recent times. Owned and operated by by the same guys since it's inception and with the help of many people along the way. We have been in the Asian niche since 1996, in the adult business since 1992, and still work each and every day to keep things running smoothly. We stand behind our sites, our products, and most importantly our members, as without them, NONE of us make any money. Our simple rule of thumb is, if you fuck your customers, your time is limited, and there's plenty of examples of that around.

One thing we have always stood by is our belief that, while we DO greatly value our affiliates, we do not "baby" them. This is a business, and a PARTNERSHIP program, you get paid 50% for the work you do, and we earn our ~28% by providing the tools and sites for you to promote.. Yep, approximately 28%, After biller fees, affiliate fraud, content theft, HUGE bandwidth costs, hardware, content costs, copyright protection, and other misc fees from banks, etc, we walk away at the end of the day with around 28%.

So, while we provide you with thousands of FHG's, banners, content, page rolls, POTD's, MOTD's and state of the art tracking so you know where your traffic is going, we hope your work ethic is such that you are willing to work for your 50% We will GLADLY provide active affiliates with access to our sites to make any custom creatives they feel will help them make money. :)>
So forget the fluff, the flashy affiliate websites, and get your hands dirty with us, and let's make some fucking money, by working together.

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