Methodcash FAQ

  • Q. Do you offer console / pop-up free promotion?

    A. Yes. Method Cash offers both standard and pop-up free tours for our sites.

  • Q. I live in country "X" can I still join your program?

    A. ABSOLUTELY!! Unlike "some other programs", we do not block certain countries from joining our program. We do monitor each and every signup that every partner sends, and screen for potential fraud before and after the transaction is approved, and we find that most of our
    partners from overseas, produce very well for us, and have virtually no problems with their signups.

  • Q. Can I use Method Cash on my Non-English pages?

    A. ABSOLUTELY!! Due to our sites being Asian oriented sites, we actually ENCOURAGE you to use our program on your Non-English pages. Over the past 7 years our program has proved to be VERY effective with Japanese traffic.

  • Q. Can I promote your websites via opt-in email lists, or chat rooms?

    A. YES (With exceptions)! You may ONLY advertise to DOUBLE OPT-IN lists. Should we receive any complaints from individuals, ISP's, or SPAM watchdog groups, your account will be terminated immediately, and you will not be paid, so make damned sure that if you decide to advertise via mail lists, that they are authentic DOUBLE OPT-IN lists.

  • Q. What does "double opt in" mean?

    A. It means when you acquired the email address from the surfer, you sent an email to that email address to confirm that it was indeed them that submitted their email. The surfer would have clicked a link or sent a reply stating they are ok with you sending the offers via their email address.

  • Q. Can I send traffic through TGP.s, top lists, and free sites?

    A. YES!! TGP's, Top Lists, & Free sites are the life blood of traffic, and we DO convert that traffic really well.

  • Q. Can we make our own banners?

    A. We would prefer you to use the time / conversion proven banners that we provide, BUT, you may produce your own banners. However, you must use licensed pictures and appropriate text. Do not use illegal subject matter when creating banners or your sites. Illegal subject matter will result in your account being terminated without payment.

  • Q. Do you provide free content?

    A. Yes we do. As long as you are promoting Method Cash sites, you may use our free content. Once you signup as a partner ,all you need to do is download the content provided upload them to your servers for immediate use.

  • Q. Can I hotlink to your banners?

    A. No

  • Q. Can I have more than one account?

    A. No. Only one account per individual / company is allowed. One account will allow you to advertise any of our sites


  • Q. Do I get paid for referring other webmasters?

    A. YES!!! Each webmaster referral pays 10% of each sale that webmaster produces.

  • Q. What are "deductions" and why would you deduct from my stats?

    A. A deduction is the subtraction of an original signup from your stats. This only occurs if the surfer does a chargeback, or receives a credit, issued by the billing company.

  • Q. When will I be paid?

    A. Commissions earned during any pay period will be paid two business days after the pay period ends. For example payouts earned during June 1st - June 15th, 2011 will be paid out on June 17th, 2011, unless June 17th is a weekend, or federal U.S. holiday, in which case, the payment will be made the next business day. If the total amount due you at the end of any pay period (for all of our programs) is not equal to or greater than at least $50.00, the amount due you will roll over until you are due $100.00.

  • Q. How much money must I earn before receiving payment?

    A. You must earn a minimum of $100.00. If the total amount due you at the end of any pay period (for all of our programs) is not equal to or greater than at least $100.00, the amount due you will roll over until you are due $100.00.

  • Q. What happens if I do not earn the minimum of $100.00 in a single pay period?

    A. Your balance will be carried over to the next period. Once you reach the $100.00 minimum a check will be mailed out according to our payment schedule.

  • Q. Can you hold my check until I reach a certain amount?

    A. Yes you may set your own minimum payout.

  • Q. I have not received my check yet. What should I do?

    A. All of our webmaster checks go out at the same time. We have a great reputation for perfect payment history. Please allow up to three weeks, especially if you are outside of the U.S., for your check to arrive. We can only rely on the postal service to make sure you get your check in a timely manner. If you have waited a sufficient amount of time, email us at accounting AT . We can put a stop payment on your check for $15.00 and reissue you a new one.

  • Q. Can I receive payment by wire transfer?

    A. Yes. The minimum requirement for a wire transfer is $500.00. An international fee of $45.00 or a domestic fee of $25.00 will be taken out of your payout amount.
    You will need to email us at accounting AT with the following information:

    - Account Name
    - Recipient
    - Address
    - Account Number
    - Bank Name
    - Bank Address
    - Swift Number or Routing Number