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AssHandlers - Established: Октябрь 14, 2014
URL веб-сайта: http://AssHandlers/
Bonewhackers - Established: Октябрь 14, 2014
URL веб-сайта: http://Bonewhackers/
MILF Relations - Established: Октябрь 14, 2014
URL веб-сайта: http://MILF Relations/
Lesbians 24/7 - Established: Октябрь 14, 2014
URL веб-сайта: http://Lesbians 24/7/
Just Plump - Established: Октябрь 14, 2014
URL веб-сайта: http://Just Plump/
HD Creampie - Established: Октябрь 14, 2014
URL веб-сайта: http://HD Creampie/
Hardcore Girlfriends - Established: Октябрь 14, 2014
URL веб-сайта: http://Hardcore Girlfriends/
Girls Got A Dick - Established: Октябрь 14, 2014
URL веб-сайта: http://Girls Got A Dick/
GhettoSmash - Established: Октябрь 14, 2014
URL веб-сайта: http://GhettoSmash/
Full Frontal Facials - Established: Октябрь 14, 2014
URL веб-сайта: http://Full Frontal Facials/
Full Network Access - Established: Май 11, 2011
URL веб-сайта: http://Full Network Access/
Maccy.com - Established: Апрель 23, 1999
URL веб-сайта: http://Maccy.com/
Maccy.com... A true Asian Mega site.. With over 650,000 Japanese photos, 7,100 Japanese full length movies, Daily updates, Maccy.com is an awesome choice for your Japanese traffic... With both English and Japanese tours & members area, high quality Japanese porn is just a few clicks away for your surfers.
PinkAffairs.com - Established: Апрель 09, 2006
URL веб-сайта: http://PinkAffairs.com/
Pinkaffairs.com - Pinkaffairs is comprised of high quality European hardcore video, rather than a focus on photos.
Tialing.com - Established: Ноябрь 23, 2005
URL веб-сайта: http://Tialing.com/
Tialing.com... Asian porn star Tia Ling's official site. This 34C breasted Korean bombshell is a hot seller for those affiliates with traffic aimed at either the Asian niche, or the Porn star niche. With Exclusive content & frequent updates, Tia Ling is HOT HOT HOT!
AllAsians.Com - Established: Июнь 06, 1996
URL веб-сайта: http://AllAsians.Com/
Allasians.com is where our odyssey began. WAY back in 1996, when all you had to do to make sales was own a domain name, and affiliate marketing was in it's infancy. AllAsians.com was THE 1st, & most extensive Asian paysite on the internet. Winner of numerous User Choice awards, Adult Site Of The Day award winner & featured site. Allasians is still a solid choice for your Japanese traffic & your American surfer looking for hot Japanese video & photos.
FilipinoFuck.Com - Established: Май 12, 2004
URL веб-сайта: http://FilipinoFuck.Com/
Filipinofuck.com Not exactly the most politically correct name, btu who gives a fuck. :) Every Asian program has the obligatory Filipina site, most with a majority of the same content. While this site falls into that category, the additional sites included with the membership, makes this a VERY attractive site for your surfer, and your wallet.
88Square.com - Established: Январь 20, 2004
URL веб-сайта: http://88Square.com/
Founded in January 2004, and STIIL updating daily, 88Square quickly became our flagship site. Concentrating in the Thai softcore niche, 88square became and still is a leader in the Thai softcore niche. Exclusive content, professional photography, and owners who care about the content, site & members, make marketing 88square a no brainer for your Thai traffic.
AsianSexClub.com - Established: Июль 22, 1997
URL веб-сайта: http://AsianSexClub.com/
AsianSexClub.com... Comprised of 100% Exclusive photo & video content of the hottest amateur Amer-Asian girls almost exclusive from California & Hawaii.. Since 1997 we have been producing strictly exclusive content, and building a very large and fanatic following, in the amateur Asian community.
POV Auditions - Established: Октябрь 14, 2014
URL веб-сайта: http://POV Auditions/