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As an affiliate, you can promote any of the sites in our portfolio. You can take a look at all of the sites that are available on this page, along with their URLs and a description of each site. Click a thumbnail or URL to go to that site.

AssHandlers - Established: October 14, 2014
Web Site URL: http://AssHandlers/
Bonewhackers - Established: October 14, 2014
Web Site URL: http://Bonewhackers/
MILF Relations - Established: October 14, 2014
Web Site URL: http://MILF Relations/
Lesbians 24/7 - Established: October 14, 2014
Web Site URL: http://Lesbians 24/7/
Just Plump - Established: October 14, 2014
Web Site URL: http://Just Plump/
HD Creampie - Established: October 14, 2014
Web Site URL: http://HD Creampie/
Girls Got A Dick - Established: October 14, 2014
Web Site URL: http://Girls Got A Dick/
GhettoSmash - Established: October 14, 2014
Web Site URL: http://GhettoSmash/
Full Frontal Facials - Established: October 14, 2014
Web Site URL: http://Full Frontal Facials/
Full Network Access - Established: May 11, 2011
Web Site URL: http://Full Network Access/ - Established: April 23, 1999
Web Site URL: A true Asian Mega site.. With over 650,000 Japanese photos, 7,100 Japanese full length movies, Daily updates, is an awesome choice for your Japanese traffic... With both English and Japanese tours & members area, high quality Japanese porn is just a few clicks away for your surfers. - Established: April 09, 2006
Web Site URL: - Pinkaffairs is comprised of high quality European hardcore video, rather than a focus on photos. - Established: November 23, 2005
Web Site URL: Asian porn star Tia Ling's official site. This 34C breasted Korean bombshell is a hot seller for those affiliates with traffic aimed at either the Asian niche, or the Porn star niche. With Exclusive content & frequent updates, Tia Ling is HOT HOT HOT!
AllAsians.Com - Established: June 06, 1996
Web Site URL: http://AllAsians.Com/ is where our odyssey began. WAY back in 1996, when all you had to do to make sales was own a domain name, and affiliate marketing was in it's infancy. was THE 1st, & most extensive Asian paysite on the internet. Winner of numerous User Choice awards, Adult Site Of The Day award winner & featured site. Allasians is still a solid choice for your Japanese traffic & your American surfer looking for hot Japanese video & photos.
FilipinoFuck.Com - Established: May 12, 2004
Web Site URL: http://FilipinoFuck.Com/ Not exactly the most politically correct name, btu who gives a fuck. :) Every Asian program has the obligatory Filipina site, most with a majority of the same content. While this site falls into that category, the additional sites included with the membership, makes this a VERY attractive site for your surfer, and your wallet. - Established: January 20, 2004
Web Site URL:
Founded in January 2004, and STIIL updating daily, 88Square quickly became our flagship site. Concentrating in the Thai softcore niche, 88square became and still is a leader in the Thai softcore niche. Exclusive content, professional photography, and owners who care about the content, site & members, make marketing 88square a no brainer for your Thai traffic. - Established: July 22, 1997
Web Site URL: Comprised of 100% Exclusive photo & video content of the hottest amateur Amer-Asian girls almost exclusive from California & Hawaii.. Since 1997 we have been producing strictly exclusive content, and building a very large and fanatic following, in the amateur Asian community.
POV Auditions - Established: October 14, 2014
Web Site URL: http://POV Auditions/